A Game Of Hearts


a heart plays a part, it channels the feelings and destroys the intuition i have. The heart’s game is fierce, it leads on a chase and questions itself. It believes one thing for a moment, then in an instant it doesn’t. it’s belief in itself is fleeting.

my heart knows uncertainty and fear, sometimes it’s unable to see moments without. It reaches out for more and is crushed. There’s hope, excitement, terror and indecision all playing a game within me. A game of deception that leads me to a moment of exhilaration followed by pure depression. Emotions carry my heart, filling me with dread.

this game is our lives, driving us to the edge. Seeking a soul mate to soak our lives with. Scratching at holes where none exist. digging in heels into dirt floors and broken pots. The first round goes to you, Mr unknown – the man I’ve yet to meet, you who’ll complete me as a steady rhythm of heart beats remind me I’m alive and i can breathe. and the third inevitable round is the ultimate ending.

A game with no end. Hearts that were once filled with hope are no longer so. The hearts that love survive and the hearts that struggle eventually reach a verdict.


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