ChallengesA chance opportunity, a heart filled with nerves. My gut calls a blackness. A bucket list item to be explored. A country of lush greens and white clouds. To test my anxiety and take a jump. But there’s still a pound of fear. What if I freak out, have an anxiety attack? But if I let this opportunity pass then I may be filled with regret. Why does my heart jump this way? Feel the hole inside your gut and breathe, take time to relax and think but don’t lose the excitement. How can I go further if I don’t take a step? I thought I could do this but in reality there’s fear abounding. Hope still is there but can this be a challenge I face completely and undertake without a giant hassle.

This is a challenge I can do, further investigate and potentially do. I’ll hold back the excitement and ponder a fear. A decision I’ll make and stick to but always find complaints along the way. A challenge to undertake and accomplish. But could this challenge be one I can do? Or will it completely destroy my sense of security and force my anxiety to flare.

I could easily just take a leap and take the challenge, but there’s still a fear within me. Is this a challenge too far?


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