outside forces

a child is the focus yet his need is not met, we are taught to advocate for children but this is not just. another group seeks connection and attention as well and they are lacking these. They are put here for a variety of reasons but despite them it is our duty to provide the best we can and at this we fail. The organisation is concerned with the unimportant – the paperwork, a way to keep costs down and minimise staff. Through this we are missing the most important thing; the children. How can they be expected to bloom when their environment is filled with negativity and a constant fear of the future. When their carers are more invested in making sure the words have been written and not the care of each child. How has our industry become this way, focusing on mundane and not the joy and wonder of a child’s ability to learn and blossom under the guidance of people who care.

sometimes I forget the mundane and find myself engaged in experiences with the children, their smiles completely taking my mind away from the politics and their wonder when something finally clicks. This is what we should be teaching the children, that people will be there, that questions can be asked, experiences enjoyed and that the world is full of wonder and not just adults burying their heads with a pen and paper. The engagement will teach the children to think big and see the world as a place to explore not one ruled by the oppressive rules and gains of others.

These people that make the rules, have clearly never seen the ground they tend. Creating their demands from their office chairs and through glass windows. Never experiencing the joy and panic of everyday within the four walls. There’s one thing for putting things into place but perhaps more consultation from the actual ground is needed to create the right environment; with the correct ratios and a reasoning of the special child’s need and how they fit into the world.

How is it fair on the children that we are raising them in such a way, where they are free to cause damage and violence and we’re unable to do more than sigh? How about the quiet child that is overlooked because the loud and rambunctious one steals the attention cause of their actions. How do they learn what they need to and not be overlooked?

This is the reason i find it hard to be in the place, the stress fills me and I’ll panic. I detest the thought that i have to attend the place and take on the task of struggling with my anxiety. All the children in my care are hardly receiving the best they can, because we’re all so concerned by the outside forces.


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