The Golden Door


ascending the staircase I run the wooden banister beneath my hand. Step my foot up a level as i inhale a breath. My lungs contract at the boning tightly wound around my chest and my shoulders shivers, the night air pressing a gentle kiss. A tendril of curls blow to the left of my face as  wind arrives. There’s a low grumble behind me, tyres spin and a horn disrupts the night. skidding across bitumen and breaking below the stairway. My attention diverts and another beautiful woman climbs the staircase reaching a top to the waiting prince who whisks her away through the golden door. Her prince has arrived and she ran to him without haste yet my feet are frozen, the elements confronting my resolve. My senses on alert. My feet are slipping, the heels feel glued on and i can’t breathe. Panic grips my body. I cling to the railing my fingers entwined on the rungs. I close my eyes and the numbers take hold. Colours dance before me. I hear him call “Princess, I’m here, I’m waiting for you. You must fight to find me”
a beat in my heart and my stomach gurgled. I can reach that golden door. Prince Charming is there and I can find him, behind that door, above these stairs he wait. Courage i feel – it’s within me. My eyes snap open ad the world is correct. My feet are planted on a level and the night is shining beneath a star filled sky. The sight majestic in wonder. Another thing to hold onto. Once more he calls to me, echoing my name and I smile. The fight i have fought and I’ve nearly arrived. A few more steps and the golden door should open.


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