The Musical Ride


I can’t explain the beginning, I was ten when I heard the catchy song and fell in love with a musician and true music in general. The story is simple, a girl who loves music and the music that inspires her to continue and live. The love that grew and diminished as the years went on but I gathered a strength. The lyrics call out to me still and make me smile. One of the fondness memories involves this band that got me through hell. There were points where I felt embarrassed and forgot the love but it always comeback and at this time the passion reigns. It’s a love I can’t deny and I won’t be forgetting anytime again. This feeling surprises me constantly but still the connection resounds loudly. It’s everything, the melodies and harmonies and passion bringing hope to me, it’s a truth that creates a positive world and away to escape the pain, it’s a sanctuary where few reside but those that do are dear to me and understand the passion. Upon hearing those voices I become a melted puddle and smile without reason but who needs reasons when your band makes you happy. I’ll climb mountains to follow the hype in my heart and follow the band. I’ll spend days in the cold to be up close and scream out the the words. Praying for a smile and a hand touch from one but the atmosphere makes it worth it worth everything,the journey continues everyday, the love strikes a chord and I remember what the music has helped me through, depression, bullying and the loss of my mother and it gives me strength to build from. So I will always feel indebted to this band for sharing their heart and talent with the world.


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