Snippet of a new story i’ve been working on. untitled at the moment.

The foyer area was covered with pillars of stone throughout, I sat on a black leather bench with my legs sticking to the vinyl. I was regretting the decision to wear a skirt but if he saw the clothes I wore everyday then I’d no longer be a princess in his eyes, my secrets had to stay mine. I heard an elevator ping and adjusted the end of my skirt, it was too short for me. I couldn’t do this. It was a mistake. There were voices emanating from the elevator cart, my attention caught his eye and I looked up. He stood in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt one sleeve of which had been pushed up revealing his shoulder. I inwardly gasped and then he smiled at the man he was with and I was lost. I sighed, this was a mistake and I felt like a fool. It was a stolen ticket that brought on this trouble and unachievable fantasies. I stood up glanced at him and our eyes met for a moment, images of us rushed through my mind and I blushed, turned around and headed to the entrance of the hotel. The glass doors opened and gust of wing came floating over me. I inhaled the night air and stepped outside but I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned to see the owner was him “I’m sorry, this is a mistake”

He shook his head “No, it’s not”

“You’re busy”

He shook his head again and spun me completely around, wrapped an arm around my body and his other on my cheek. His eyes shone at me and I gulped as he began to lower me, I wrapped my arms around his neck as our lips met.


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