Today is my birthday, I turn 28 and with that almost completes my twenties. another decade looms beginning with another number. But i feel 28 will be filled with wonder and magic, a sweeping breath of air and a time I’ll take on more challenges. I’ll discover more about myself and meet incredible people. I’ll be kind to myself but tough enough to reach some goals. I can push through anxiety and find a sense of peace. I’ll fall in love with more voices and words and scream till my lungs give out. I’ll chase my dreams and finally believe in myself.

I celebrated this milestone on Saturday night with my incredible friends and I had a blast. I felt so blessed to be with people and i had a blast. I felt so blessed to be with people that love me and support me. perhaps I’ve found the positive/welcoming people i always sought and i have a confidence about myself to pursue any challenge.

I saw a palm reader at age fourteen and the only thing I recall her saying is that I’m sensitive and I’d meet my true love at the age of 28. I’m not sure if I believe or not but I’ll be interested to see if it’s true or true love means something other than what I believe it to be.

Can 28 make the impossible happen? improve my anxiety and increase my happiness?


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