just a little something.

He sits and remains
Whilst she moves away
Each crying out for something
But neither can say
There’s a reason
They no longer communicate
He wants to tell her
She wants to know
That feelings abound

The distance between
Is lengthening
It’s attempts are stalled
Reconciliation is on their minds
Both seek to restore
The thing that brought them together
But she’s somewhere else
Unable to try
With a broken heart

He tries to recall
A thing that’ll help
A word to describe
How he feels for her
But the words are caught
They stay inside
While his heart breaks
And his memory
Returns to moments
Long gone

She stares at a photo
Of happiness so long ago
A moment that brought them together
She longs to unite
Her soul with his
Regaining lost ground
Her heart belongs to him
But fear has taken over

He starts to move
Aimed to begin
A part of him is hers
And he has to tell her
A step at a time
He arrives at her place
A heart of full of love
And desire within

She hears footsteps
As her heart pounds
Is it all forgotten?
Has he forgiven the mistake?
She looks up and he is there
Covered in regret
Tears in his eyes
She starts to stand
As he moves closer

He takes her hand
And pulls her in tight
Wrapping her close
And kissing her forehead
He wants to speak
But there’s no words
She kisses him deeply
And jumps into his arms
Desire sweeping through.

She knows it all is forgotten
He only feels her
In his arms
She feels safe
She loves him
Like he her
She’ll promise this time around
And stand by her word

He feels his knees go weak
She is his dreams
Everything he wanted
And as he kissed her
Their fates intertwine forever
She becomes his prey
He’s forgiven the mistake
But passion is calling
It’s her
And now
Always she’ll be within him.

She can sense the thought
He’s thinking
He’s intent on one thing
His kiss is a magic spell
Putting her into an intoxication
And the question is
No longer prominent
And she’ll hold his heart
Forever they’ll ride along


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