woman in white


The mirror on the wall shows a woman in a white dress, hair in a fancy up do. But her heart is torn in two. This is supposed to be the best day of her life but she has a doubt. He’s not the man he claimed to be. But she’s out of options and longing for a life of her own, a child to be hers and a house to fill with memories. He lives his own life, hiding his secrets in shadows and betraying the woman he’s meant to love. He wants the status, a trophy to help him scale a ladder. The day is a formality because it’s what’s expected and she is more than aware of it. His little comments and actions show her that this is the future.

There’s doubt in the church as she clings to her father’s arm. She is the image of perfection – the loveliest woman in the world at this moment but fear is in her eyes. She can see him at the end shuffling his shoes and flexing his hands. Aren’t grooms meant to be in awe of their bride? Her footsteps stop and she wants to run. This is not the dream, or the love she wanted. She releases the hand she holds, a plan coming to mind; the wind calling her name. Her voice echoes through the pillars – she screams her rejection. A woman in white rejecting the man who barely sees her. His gaze drifts to her, curious but he remains still unable to beg her. Unable to plead his case – the ears are deaf.

She turns around, scurries to the door and escapes to a world she can hope, where she can believe and maybe find a man that’ll actually look at her like she’s filled with magic.


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