100 years of ANZAC


100 years ago Australia went to war, to fight for what we take for granted today; a warm bed and safety. At that time the world was different and the young men were unaware of the dangers ahead of them. It was meant to be over by Christmas but dragged out far longer. The conditions were not ideal and lives were lost but these men were brave and because of them we get to live. The ANZAC’s fought for Australia and New Zealand with their allies, travelling to a foreign world to fight. Today we know that war is relentless and pointless but we had to go through it to get here.

the younger generation do not understand – it happened a century ago and why should it matter? but the fact is it does. If they hadn’t slept in trenches and walked through mud our lives would not be as they are now. These men were traumatised and some never came home. Legacies are still based upon them and families reeling from the loss.

this great war that left the world scattered and changed still impacts the world. I’m unaware if my own past relations fought in any wars or if some tried but I recall my grandfather’s words about his playing chess with his grandfather the second time the world went to war while bombs were being plummeted over London. I’ve heard about the horror and discovered through history the pain the world endured.

Early this morning I attended my first dawn service at a landmark representing Gallipoli, I sat in the cold and freezing darkness imaging what the soldiers must’ve felt on that day 100 years ago. I listened to the words and was grateful for every single person that gave me freedom and a world to grow in without fear.



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