An Orange CD

18 years ago an orange CD was released with a seriously catchy lead single that changed my life, music became an obsession. I fell in love with a band and this band brings me much joy and laughter. It’s the lyrics that took myself at 10 years old away from the bullying I received at school. This music still makes me feel, think and swoon. I can hide within the walls of this band’s music and feel comforted that somehow they understand me. They have greatly affected my life over these last 18 years and I’m not ashamed.

Through following this band I have met amazing people from all over the world and some of these I consider to be some of my closet friends. I’ve stood in a freezing line and stood front row at a concert singing and screaming and dancing. I’ve met 2/3rds of this band briefly and these moments have been some of the best of my life. I am proud to call myself a fan and for everything they’ve gone through and the strength they’ve displayed in face of difficult times. You either get it or you don’t but you have to respect that my life is music and I will always scream and be free, all because of an orange CD that started in the middle of nowhere and has become my anthem.


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