The way I see the world

To me the world is a wonderful place filled with delight and amazement, incredible highs and extreme lows. It’s a place where people fill your heart with love and pain. A landscape revolves of dazzling oceans and scorching deserts. A sun filled sky encourages movement and a sky filled with tears evokes contemplation and creativity.

I can watch butterflies fly over my head as I sit on the grass contemplating my dreams. I carry a book with me to discover words and writing implements for my inventions. I can watch children engage and engage the world in new and forgotten ways.

But the world scares me so, so much devastation and unkindness ripples throughout our human race. We are selfish and rude and think we should get everything we want because we can. If I think too much I become anxious and negativity flares. I long only see the magic of the world, the comfort of an endless hug and two warm arms holding me while I dream. I wish to travel and see another’s sky and meet new friends but perhaps it’s not for me.

Our world is miraculous but dangerous, it hides massive secrets and provides spectacular views but it has yet to grant me my heart’s wish of true love. I may give up soon enough and be a book lady (because I don’t want cats)


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