A woman trying to believe
That the world
Hasn’t left her behind
That she’s not stuck
In a place
Where her dreams and hopes
Are ignored.

Or is she only in a transition
Facing dark times
To overcome
For a brilliant future
Where the dreams are real
And her hopes are reality

 Has she been forgotten?
By true love
Success and happiness?
Is this just a phase
And darkness will descend
Or could this be a test

 Sometimes she feels forgotten
That she annoys people too much
By wanting them to love her
And she seeks security
And clarity
The chance to explore life
With a like minded heart

 She struggles to breathe
And hides from a world
But she only needs a hug
A conversation and a laugh
To feel she hasn’t been pushed away

 You can read her easily
Her heart is on her sleeve
She feels guilty for lying
And has a million obsessions
She’s fighting herself
On several levels
Some she doesn’t even know

She covers her nerves by being loud
A thing she wishes she didn’t
But her mind is active
And her heart speeds too fast
She wants to scream out loud
And be held
While she drowns in pain
And fights inner demons.

She feels she instigates everything
good and bad
So she clings to every interaction
And person in her life
Praying they’ll stay around
And won’t get lost.


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