I take a moment in between the negative and sad thoughts to appreciate the good things in my life and how thankful I am for them. I am thankful for the down moments as they help me appreciate the good times. I am eternally grateful for my family and friends. I am thankful for my band and music for helping me stay sane. I am thankful for this journey I am on – mentally, physically and spiritually. For the pain I can overcome with training. For the weight I have lost in six months and the people who have helped on that achievement. I am thankful for my heart. That it loves deeply and protects me. For the chances I am taking and mostly the challenges I face.

I am thankful that I am single, so I can focus on myself and discover my confidence. To learn to love myself so I can eventually attract a partner. I am thankful for the light that shines within me. The hope I carry along inside me and the fact that I try to be kind to everyone as best I can. I am thankful for small victories, happy days and hugs. I am thankful I am exploring this corner of my world, learning more about myself and pushing myself in small directions.

I am thankful for my mind, that I am a simple person that is usually easy to please. I’m thankful for kind gestures and smiles. That I can help others and seek it when needed. I am beyond thankful for every lesson I’ve had and the ones still to come. I am thankful for rain and sunshine in equal measure. For sleep filled nights and hot showers. I am thankful I can hide in books when I need an escape.

I am thankful that I know my limits and can push myself slowly. I am grateful to every person that has assisted in the journey and thankful to be on it. At this point I am no longer stuck in a fear I can’t change or achieve what I want but I know I shall stumble on the way.

I have a thankful and positive nature but I am thankful I can feel the bad too. It makes me complete. I am sympathetic and I know I react emotionally. I am thankful for the life I’ve had and the moments I treasure. I am thankful that I can appreciate the beauty and am in the process of trying to change what I can.


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