Let’s play a game; tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine. Delve into my soul with this information. Discover the deepest parts of my heart with this secret word. Say it and you will receive the treasures of my body. Continue to say it and I’ll belong to you in every way even when you begin to betray me. You’ll seep into my being and stay within my memories. They’ll be a password for keeping you locked safe in my heart treasured for all of time despite the betrayals and ravages of time. For even if we no longer speak ill keep these memories safe in my heart and mind and the passwords will be lost to time so they’ll never be unlocked and spill from my eyes.

As a child we all made up a game of “What’s the password” encouraging another to think about words that may open the gates as such. It’s just a game at this age but essentially it sets us up for the rest of us life. This feeling of being locked out and boxed out of an activity because of someone else’s rules. All it takes is a password or a fad to be in with the cool kids and know what popularity is. But there’s a lock on everyone in some way. We set up challenges that people fail and deem them impossible to overcome. These locks are unable to be undone by a simple password, they require a key and a lot of time to crack a code that is unreadable but to a few.

We set up passwords to protect our privacy and in technology there are people that crack the secret equations but for most of us what we hide is not written on the pages of social media or the internet but behind tear streaked eyes and within the beating of hearts. Secrets upon pages in journals and diaries locked by physical keys thrown away in the bottom of the ocean. Or told to another with the promise of cross my heart, hope to die stick a needle in my eye or some sort of lingo. The secret handshake of best friends that discuss their crushes at length and betray those secrets to the crush in question. We are unable to be ourselves for fear that our trust will be burned and we’ll be embarrassed by our thoughts and actions.

There are many versions of passwords, the way someone touches your skin or says a word can unlock something deep within. A word that means more than silver or gold. Simple words that speak to the heart, unlock the walls around a soul that’s been hurt for far too long. There’s a way to a girl’s heart and soul by knowing the passwords that unlock untold potential. If you know her favourite things and surprise her with them or even if you become a part of one of her favourite’s world. If you can understand the passwords that make the transition easier then it shall succeed. There are a thousand ways and a thousand different passwords that make this work, but most of the time they’re temporary. The passwords change and the circumstances always change.


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