There’s a voice inside of her that tells her what to do. It tells her to listen to her heart and follow its lead. The inner voice is the guiding star, it is what she leads by and feels. This is her intuition that calls to her and protects her. They say there’s a woman’s intuition that she knows things before they happen and she anticipates a child’s need. The intuition within her is strong and it tells her she is capable and interesting. She feels the connection to her body and when something is wrong she knows. It’s a fight or flight response triggering within her. She can trust her intuition and use it daily to succeed. It’s never led her wrong. It’s tangled up with her hopes and dreams. It’s her heart and she wishes her intuition was more confident yet she has more time to develop it. The heart wants what it wants and steers her clear of the dangers she faces.

She relies on the strength of this intuition in a conscious and subconscious way that allows her to take the smallest steps she can to challenge the fear in her heart. She trusts that voice within her, for that soul she contains is lasting and she believes it can protect her without hesitation. If she needs to fight she will but the battle is internal and she can’t choose the wars but the gut wrenching feeling is always present. A part of her feels the need to have everything at once, be it perfect and once only. She seeks a time where internal conflict is no longer a concern. Where she can attempt to live life without a constant fear. To remember that nothing is so bad it can’t be fixed or worked through with a little help. The world is a wonderful place that constantly changes and is filled with challenges and beauty.

She is on a journey where she plans to take leaps and bounds but her intuition tells her to take it at a slower pace. She can’t move mountains without crumbling to the ground in anxiety and fear. A small part of her intuition knows that time is a double edged sword, it heels and it destroys. Yet she has her feeling that everything must progress and she wants it all now, no need to wait as life is for taking but she’s not quite ready yet. She understands that her intuition is a leading force for her, it leads her on this journey. It keeps her fighting and aware of the positive but anxiety sneaks in when it can, and her heart is left in tatters. Sometimes intuition is a fickle thing and plays tricks on emotions and knowledge.

My intuition tells me to hang on that the things I want are worth waiting for. That working on myself is not a bad idea. For how can someone enter my life with a positive influence when sometimes I can’t find my own positivity but anxiety tells me differently? Anxiety screams that you must do this now, it’s not ok that you’re single with no kids and stuck in a job that’s up and down. That everything must be consumed immediately and owned. They battle between my head and heart thus creating a stress within me. The simple things I seek in life but it screams at me when things are incomplete and my life is dragging. Still I trust it without a doubt and follow its lead because I cannot be untrue with myself. Guilt eats at me and wreck my simplicity. I only seek happiness and I try to prevent sadness but I am stuck by the loyalty and need to be as perfect and calm as I can be. In the world I live in I make mistakes and I live with them but if it’s out of my control I tend to run wild and panic more. My intuition claims the knowledge of a woman who is discovering life and learning more about herself. I am merely a figment in my imagination of what I could be but I will always trust my intuition.


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