The Magic


I have magic in my veins but I am no wizard. I have magic in my fingertips but I don’t perform tricks. I have a magic wand that shows the magic in the world. I say the magic words and people flock to me, they are enchanted by the words and the wonder it contains. I am filled with magical things that excite the young and the young at heart who stare in wonder at the performance. They love me so. Yet this type of magic is not within a stick, it’s inside me and radiates outwards. I beam in these moments, people see my sparkle and gravitate towards me for they want to be in the glow of the wonderful magic. Some want to destroy the heart of the magic, they’ll use any dark force they can to reduce the wonder. Few succeed in this endeavour but an even smaller few win for a short while as the magic dims slightly for a while. But it never completely burns out, no one can stop my magic from shining on. I am strong and it reacts to that belief.

I believe in magic, not the kind that magicians perform but the form that heaven sends. Angels disguised in human form and the magic of a rainbow after the sun escapes the rain. There’s a sense of calmness in the way the rain falls from the sky, the earth needs nourishing as do our souls. Then the sun arrives to dry out the hidden corners filled with the things we fear. The weather is a form of magic that affects our moods and allows exploration. The heart that feels every emotion is one of the luckiest as its owner is possessed by a tenderness and an empath power that transpires throughout the lifetime. The magic of the heart is a truly amazing thing that connects two souls in love forever and it can destroy that connection in the same period of time. But strength is my magic power, I resemble a strong man at times. I don’t know the meaning of quitting easily. I have a thing called perseverance and in order for me to give up there has to be a drastic reason why my magic has dwindled.

There’s a sense of magic when you find yourself transported through to another world through a song or book that you lose yourself in. Perhaps the magic lies in the skill of one playing a sport or the talent of a musician or artist. The world knows true magic if you look beyond the surface of a person. If you see someone is hurting then by helping them you are bringing magic to their lives and assisting them to see this magic. The magic of friendship can span a lifetime and teaches us all of the wonder of life and the foundation of basic magic. Yet the magic of oneself, the magic is within is the truest form of all. We all contain a limited amount of magic that we fill our days with, this magic gets us from morning to night and helps us see the world in its wonder and helps us deal with everything that happens to us during the day, the highs and the lows and the expectations we set ourselves. Sometimes the magic drains faster during the day than other days and we are drained well before the day meets its end. But the best thing is that every day the magic resets and we get to use the power to help us through another day. At times the magic seems to dim for too long, when we are sick or when the world feels like it is closing in, but the point is we get the magic in some form or another. It is always around us and we feel it in different ways.

Did you notice the magic in your life today? For me it was the way the wind blowing in my hair as I took a walk. Today I was battling sickness but I was grateful for my magic that kept me holding onto the positive and the realisation that everything could be worked through, that I could make things happen everything. I don’t need to waste the magic by stressing over something that is enforced on me by outside circumstances. I may be human and I stumble but the truth is I am magical. I can smile through the hardships and I can always find a way out of that mess. But as a human I stress, fail and stumble and allow others too much access into my fragile world. Wouldn’t life just be easier if we could make the unfavourable disappear and give the world a sense of peace and magic?


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