Plain girl


I know there’s a difference in the definitions between beautiful and hot. I’d rather never be called the later. I think I claim a bit of class and dignity and would be the girl that wants beautiful to mean something. Yet in my head I demean the term hot to others and it makes me cringe. Am I passing judgement on others I don’t know? I hardly am innocent but I’m not filled with guilt either. I am plain girl, I have a heart and sense of righteousness. I don’t doll myself up in make-up over the top and out of character or wear clothes to reveal skin. I am a simple woman that prefers comfort over style and I am a female still learning about myself. I struggle and succeed. But I know a smile is the best thing a woman can wear. The laughter of a person is a magical sound and a hug the best comfort. I would say I’m a plain girl discovering the true beauty inside her, a journey that I’ve been on for a while.

There’s a saying that plain women know more about men that pretty ones but I’m unable to comment as I have yet to speak to one that’s shown interest but I have hope that he’ll see the beauty in me and it’ll be everything. The men I take a shine to don’t see me as anything but the plain girl but maybe one day that’ll change or am I slowly emerging from a cocoon to be a beautiful butterfly? My idea of beauty is half wrapped up in what society says and the other half is what I’ve learned over time. I’ve discovered that the act of liking someone is enough to bring joy to me even though it won’t eventuate. Plain is what I claim, I don’t believe I’m beautiful at times, my waist is wide and eyes encased in frames and never mastered the art of walking in heels. I lack restraint and become passionate easily. I have walls that’ll never topple over and yet I worry about this so called beauty I crave.

There are women that just get what they want without really having to try. This is not due to their beauty but rather their confidence. They flow through life with a beam about them which must attract the opposite sex. Me as a plain girl I must not have the beam or confidence and as such I haven’t attracted anyone, but I’m still learning about the ways I’m beautiful and the ways the world sees it. There are many ways these plain girls are beautiful that they cannot see. Intelligence is beautiful and soars shows courage which is more so. A smile makes anyone feel beautiful and make another too. The truth of beauty is being happy with yourself and the life you’ve been given. It’s ok to complain occasionally but it’s how you deal with it. Strength is overcoming these obstacles and the lessons you learn and inner strength is the most beautiful thing in the world.

The real term behind beauty is underrated, for everyone has true beauty within them in some way or another whether that be outward or under the skin. There are very few people that don’t have some beauty in them and some that their actions mar the beauty they possess but I have thankfully not encountered too many of them. However there are many people that use that outward beauty as a trap to lure others into something they’d rather not be involved in. this beauty game forces impressionable people to behave differently to how they would normally all for the sake of being called beautiful and feeling better through cosmetic means. But a real beautiful person can look beyond the physical aspects to the deepest part of a heart and reveal the beauty of a person from the inside.

So I may be a plain girl and claim that as a safety net and hide behind my flaws but I know there is a touch of beauty within me that only a few see when they reach through the barriers and attempt to climb the walls around me.


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