Beach days


There’s a calmness that washes over you when you see the mighty waves crashing against the sand, they are controlled by a force bigger than human nature yet it reminds me that at times our lives can be crashing into unwanted things, some we cannot control but how we accept and push past them. Does the sand buckle under the waves? It instead softens with the pressure yet a diamond forged under pressure is a beautiful treasure. It is a different struggle for all, to see the strength it takes to become the person you want to be and overcome the obstacles that are in the way.

There are blue skies ahead of me when this morning there was rain and darkness. Yet out of the rain new beginnings occur, the promise of renewal and hope. The vast distance of the horizon reminds me to seek adventures beyond my common day. Past that horizon are the dreams I’ve set in the long term – the happy ever after I seek, the island escape and the satisfaction of accomplished goals. The cycle continues, fire and rain in massive destruction and renewal. Out of the ashes and devastation the truth lies. The truth of the heart, mind and what you’re really made of.

There was a sense of hopelessness in me this morning. I felt burdened by everything I had to do so my mind wondered to dreams and I found myself here sitting under the jetty simply listening to the waves, feeling the wind through my hair and watching the seagulls fly; Noticing the world go by and the passers-by living their lives. It’s hard to feel like hating the world from this spot I sit where nature is running its course, it’s been here long before me and has survived many a storm. I do not hate the world I may claim but sometimes it is easy to question and return to a place of darkness.

If this beach can still exist then surely I can stop worrying about these small things. There has been significant improvement in my life and most of the negativity and darkness has evaporated. It’s the internal negativity switch that is stuck half way between on and off. Something always swings in so I have to be firmer with my goals and determined. I can be like the sand and soften when needed but more so the waves with their force and unrelenting nature. They don’t cover themselves in darkness, they take the world as it is and tackle the challenges with everything they have.


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