Dream Man

Oh how I crave you, man of my dreams whose face is filled with a dark space. I never see your eyes or hair yet you make me feel things that only you can and I wake up in the mornings feeling aware of this call in my body. But where are my dreams of your face, I’ve ran my hands through your hair and felt the stubble on my skin. You have such strong hands that trail and pleasure me and your lips are heavenly. I feel so sure with you, I have everything I seek in your arms. You keep me warm in these dreams and allow me to explore the passion we share. Perhaps you’re dreaming the same as me or you are a combination of the things I praise and desire. Do I know you in my life already or are you still to come? I think you’ll be everything, dreams realised and hopes fulfilled. Just like in my dreams l want you and be more than eager to explore my bubbling feelings with.

Oh dream man you must be coming soon. I’m not sure how long I can wait with you haunting my dreams. You leave me feeling like I’m exhausted when I wake in the morning, and my imagination runs away with me. I want to stay in the dreams and be with you always but life calls. Do you know me in real life and do you dream of me too? In my dreams I know I rate you higher than any other dream lover and I’ve had many over the years. But you, oh god what can I say I want to find you and explore the things you do to me in my dreams. My hormones are controlling me and damn it I need you. I’ve spent my entire life alone yet now I’ve got this need screaming inside me. I want to hold you closer and look in your magic eyes as our scents collide into one. I want the fantasy to be reality but you don’t exist in my reality unfortunately.

So am I destined to ever meet you or am only to keep you in my dreams? Are you to only be in my imagination? Or perhaps you’re meant to stable me till the actual man I love arrives one day. Will I ever see your beautiful eyes or are you to remain without my seeing your face in my dreams. I wish I knew your name for you exist, I cannot have made you up from scratch completely. You cannot be all made up. Surely there’s a part of me that’s crying out for you and maybe I made you into a person that I want you to be. I created you into a combination of my desires and that’s what I seek so that’s why I crave you. Maybe it’s just a way for me to cope and put some of myself into the dreams. Could they wonder into a place where the need subsided? Will I ever fall in love with someone that can make these dreams real?


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