Take Flight

There’s a mystery that takes place, the planes are beyond a window boarded by glass. Adventure awaits down the ramp and onto the tarmac. At the start I panic a little, have I gotten on the right plane? Heading to the place I want? Am I going to survive this trip? Or will it b e the best experience of my life. Has my baggage actually been put onto this plane? The more flights I take the easier it becomes but I still have an anxious heart. Perhaps there will be something wrong, or the plane will fall from the sky but this is only a one hour flight on my own. I want to do this and every little step helps. Several small steps add up to a big one where I can hopefully travel further. I can follow a dream can’t I?

I always had a fear of flying much like a dear of many things but I still have dreams of going beyond my own country. Seeing the world and experiencing amazing things but I’m not ready to take flight yet. I have great aspirations but I am a realist, I know my limits but am taking steps to improve these. My fears clash with my desire and override the hope I have. I wish to seek things beyond my bubble but it’s not ready to be burst yet. It’s safe here in my security blanker and I’m protected by the enclosure I have. Then why do I feel so alive when I take the chance and allow myself to set up the jump over the wall It feels amazing when I finally conquer the challenge and push through the pain.

I take flight in many ways, trying to expand my wings and find the way to fly high. To create wings that carry me high and far enough to accomplish my goals. It takes time to make wings that are strong enough to hold me yet flexible enough to help me actually fly without falling. These wings are not for show. They’ve taken me so far already as they’ve gained strength, confidence and colour. These wings will help me take flight more often as I run up the hill and fly as far as I can, soaring over the mountains I’ve climbed and the rivers I’ve swum through. I can fly through the clouds and be like a bird or join the people flying first class.

Peter Pan flew everywhere but he never grew up. I am beyond not growing up, I have grown and now comes the part where I try to reach higher. I’ll strive to jump over all obstacles and reach the stars. Why would I want to be like Peter Pan and not grow up, wings only grow as long as you grow. The more you grow and change the more the colours of your wings become prominent and bright. It’s a way that I can tell how far I’ve travelled and how far I’ve come.


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