This Band

so true:

When people make remarks about my favourite band, it hurts. You don’t understand what they mean to me, or what their music has helped me through. How I found a safe haven at ten years old within the music of three blonde American teenagers. Yes there’s a stigma now but you know what I just don’t care, why should I have to defend something I love and makes me happy. I respect that some people don’t feel the same but can’t you respect that this band means everything to me. I love them more than I can describe. This is a lifestyle, no longer a choice which is more than forever, the songs fill me with hope, amazement and imagination. My life has been filled with their music and given me a natural high. I buried myself in it at ten whilst being bullied at school and found safety in my grief at 25 when I lost my mother to cancer. I can put on any song and I either feel instantly better or can contemplate the universe but whichever happens I take it and go with it. I am beyond grateful for the songs that fill my heart and that I’ve seen this band live three times. I’ve been in the crowd of people at the front buzzed by the energy and loving every minute. I’ve sat on cold tiles for hours with the hope of standing front row (and succeeded) I have made the most amazing friends because of this band. Having people that feel the same around is the biggest blessing, in this fandom the judgement is different. Most of them just get it and appreciate it, they get the secret that no one else does and that’s more special than anything. I am a part of a world I love and respect where I can hide in the music and feel good about myself.

I don’t want to deny or hide what I feel, why should I pretend that I am not who I am. I stand tall with this love, it’s from a pure innocent place where I fell in love with music and began to discover myself. To feel this passion for a band is an amazing thing, it centres my soul and lets me fill my heart with hope and lightness. However I stand I follow the code of my heart and I let it lead me to the places where few travel. Because of this band I am stronger, more able to challenge myself and less concerned with what others say and think. I am able to hold others closer and let them in. I love this band for explaining how life is through music. I love the person I have become because of this band.

Have you ever had something in your life that makes complete sense, something that understands no boundaries due to the love that consumes you? Something that makes you wish to conquer all your deepest fears, to follow you heart and do whatever it takes to show yourself that you can accomplish anything. It is through the music of this band that I have climbed mountains, I have swum oceans and I have overcome so many obstacles. I feel inspired to continue my life with enthusiasm, hope and the ability to attack any challenges because I have this thing called passion that fills me with optimism and clarity. This passion seeps into every other part of my life and I’m able to be more positive with my thoughts and interactions with others. Perhaps at times I may be somewhat of a fangirl but there’s a time and place for that and I’m not one of those crazy obsessive types. For me it’s about the music; what I’ve become because of it and the way I feel when I randomly hear a song from this band. The smile on my face when someone tells me they’ve heard the band mentioned and thought of me. And the fact that most people just don’t mind about my love for this band, they just respect it or aren’t bothered by it at all. It’s nice to know that some people have grown up and can see the true musicians these men have become and why they have such a dedicated fan base.


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