Give And Take

Do you ever get that feeling that maybe you’re just not good enough, that despite putting in the effort with other people they just don’t care, that you can be the best person possible to them and give them support and guidance where you can but when it comes to your own life they just don’t seem care. Life is a double edged sword, we have to give in order to receive but somehow other people have forgotten that part of the story. I was trying to be the best person possible with you and I know you have your own journey happening that has nothing to do with mine and I appreciate and respect that but to be honest I think it’s time you look outside your own circle and realise that other people are important not just yourself. It seems that you just live in your own world and don’t even bother to respond to my questions or things I am telling you. Just because I don’t live the same life as you, that I am timid around social experiences I thought you’d have had the decency to at least say no that’s not possible instead of just not replying at all. I know for sure this is not my karma at play as I have battled through a lot of negativity and been rewarded with this calmness I know face. There is a whole lot of negativity in the world I have noticed recently and this includes myself but since when did that happen. Why can’t you just see the positivity in the world? You have people that love you and want to help and despite everything you’ve been through you can at least respond in a timely manner instead of not at all. Do you just think the world will respect you if you can’t be bothered to send a response? It won’t! And people don’t take too kindly to those that can’t take the effort to give a little of their time for a simple reply.

I think that’s the think I despise the most about the world, the people that I consider the closest friends live in places far away and as such we can only socialise through social media and phone related means. And to me that just sucks, I wish there were tunnels that could transport us to these faraway lands, to people that understands the give and take of the world. People that have shown true friendship my way and that’s not to say there aren’t genuine people in my immediate place but it seems to be diminishing every year. They say friendship circles change as people grow up and it expands as interests change and lifestyle changes and perhaps this is the case. I know that most of these amazing people I have been meeting recently have become important to me in special ways of inspiration and courage. And they understand the concept of give and take. They understand in order to give yourself the best you can you have to take yourself away from the things that drain you, take away the thoughts that are negativity and even take yourself away from spending time with people that aren’t giving you the support and encouragement you need.

Our whole lives are give and take, we take what we can from someone and yet we never seem to give something back to them. What ever happened to gratitude and respect? Where did the world think it was headed when it became about selfishness and materialistic means instead of people? The kindness of a heart flourishes under the best of circumstances but only goes so far when there’s too much take instead of give. Can we not give the world a hug and reassure it that we will do everything we can to get it back on track? Can we promise our hearts that we will give more to others than we take from them, that we will be rewarded by our own efforts to do so and be content to receive a simple smile, hug or compliment? Can we just simply make the concept of give and take redundant because it certainly scares me that I’m living in a place where more people take instead of letting generosity overrule them. Take me to a place where people actually care and respond promptly to the important things or can acknowledge they have no clue what they’re doing and try to make a difference in their own small world.


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