(a poem I created  for a story I’m working on)

she sees the marks on my face

The lines on my veins

she never said a word

But know she saw

How she kept me strong

On the straight and narrow

She kept me strong


Her strength holds me up

She walks a path of her own

But I’ve brought her pain

Tried to knock down her spirit

But have failed

She may try to deny

Just how strong she is

Yet she is the strongest

I’ve seen.


She turns away from me now

My mistakes too many

I need her

But I can’t have her back

because maybe I used all her strength

And drained it dry


She used to say we shared a bond

A strength to share

To raise us higher

Our love held me together

Through the unknown world

And it’s her strength

I fall for over and over.


I see her standing behind that table

She looks so small

While my name flashes across the world

She is cementing something she isn’t.

Yet I can still her strength shine through

She has recovered well

And I long to touch a part of that strength




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