This Year (2015)

Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016:

Did this year teach you something? About yourself? About what you are capable of? Did you go through challenges and overcome them? I can’t believe its December with only days left of two thousand fifteen but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I opened my heart and let it fall for the first time. I discovered what real friendship is, I gained my beautiful best friend and still am grateful for my beautiful family. I challenged the darkness surrounding me and I beat some of the anxiety. I beat kilos I was carrying on me losing 15 with a plan to continue that path next year. I have accepted most of my flaws and struggled with others opinions but I have gained wisdom and maturity from facing this head on. Perhaps my biggest lesson has been to accept the fear but face it anyway, nothing is good bottled up inside and the truth can indeed set you free even if it does hurt for a part of the time. I will still overthink everything but I will try to let it flow.

Two thousand fifteen is the year that I found myself, the confidence I seemed to hide before came flourishing and with that new experiences. I achieved more than I thought possible and was able to identify the things that bring me fear. I gained a sister when my brother married his girlfriend of seven years and was able to help celebrate with them. I turned back the clock for a night as I went back ten years to high school for my reunion, and showed myself that I have changed, that I have moved on from the girl I was at eighteen. I took charge of myself and I struggled with much but I sought out ways that helped. I indulged in my passions and learnt not to apologise for them; why should I apologise for something that brings me happiness and helps me enjoy the life I am living.

I may not fallen in love romantically this year, I think a part of me was able to fall in love with myself and to that I am grateful. I fell more in love with my band and the people I met through them and now I don’t even struggle to admit I love them. If anyone has a problem, it’s not mine to deal with. I met a favourite author and spent time with my little cousins. I travelled interstate and I went to just one concert that blew my mind. I started two blogs; one for this creative blog and another for my fitness journey and ultimate goal I hope to be completed by early two thousand seventeen. It has been a year of challenge and success. While it may not have been perfect by any means, I think it has been one of the best as I have challenged myself and fallen but been able to deal with that.

For this year I have tried to be better than in previous years. I have stumbled and fallen but I have picked myself up and tried to barrel on with this life I have. I have found there are reasons and answers to questions, some that are presented to me straight away and others that still have yet to do so, but I suppose that comes in time and that the reasons present themselves unexpectedly. They make you aware that although you may not understand yet one day you will. I think my year was filled with one days, some I got answers for and others that are still uncertain. I think the thing I need is to let go of the fear go and to accept that the year was good and it was a challenging year but two thousand fifteen was one that I don’t want to change a moment of.


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