Angel of three years

I woke up today and another year has passed
Without you
Three years ago
You took your last breath
And left us
You grew your wings
And reached heaven
Becoming an angel
To watch over us

But the years have not been easy
I miss you everyday
More on particular days
But every day I carry you
Inside my heart
Aware that I have you still
In some ways

I suppose the pain comes in waves
Each day I find I am strong
But still questions arrive
And I find it hard to believe
It’s been three years
Since you were taken
From us

Have you seen us from up in heaven?
The things we’ve done
And the challenges we have come across

Have you helped and guided me?
have you sent me the signs?
the changes I’ve faced
Have you seen what’s in my future?
And have you began to push me in
That direction.

I miss you in many ways
And I feel that someone how you are still with me
When I need answers to questions.
I hear your voice
And I smile when something reminds me of you
Or something triggers a reminder of the person you were

I feel you around me sometimes
And I am blessed that you are
You surround me in the times I need you
And you keep me on a course
But I would give anything
To hear your voice once more
Or feel your hug again.

I feel confident that you are here
And you are proud of the person I am
I know you love me
And just because you are
no longer physically here
doesn’t mean you are completely gone.

RIP Mummy 7/2/56 – 1/1/13



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