That time when you have to admit a goal is no longer at the same conclusion. It may take longer to come around. That’s the moment that you realise all goals are flexible. It’s how you deal with the after that defines the goal setting process. I suppose for me it reveals that people change their minds and nothing is certain. It’s simply the chance to re-evaluate yourself and the truths you seek. To acknowledge the sadness is present and say ok that was this so let’s move through it. How can I create a goal this is mine that I know I really want? I tend to set small goals every year, several fitness challenges so many books read, stories written etc. and I have some of them set for this year but there’s the larger unattainable ones I’m unable to plan for, marriage, children for example. For me it’s a long way off as I’m only now starting to develop that “like” thing for the opposite sex. I told myself I’d try online dating upon returning from my vacation but I feel like I changed my mind at the airport. Perhaps I just need to do further research but the truth is I’ve still got it in my head as a one day thing and I am quite ok with not changing my relationship status at the moment. Well at least most of the time.

So I set myself more achievable goals, my biggest being feeling better and more confident about myself and body. To some degree I have already succeeded, I have approached a point where I realised my body is not the enemy and as such I should cherish it. Last year the journey began and it continues to this. Another 10kg to my ultimate goal and then comes the tricky part – I set the challenge of feeling confident in a bikini for Jan but still that will not be easy. Even now I have moments where I am less than comfortable in my skin and I hide myself but in time I hopefully will work through that.

I know my goals are evolving and each year I am attempting to up the quality but there are still slip ups and yet that teaches me too. So to me I’ll believe in goals and I will continue to challenge them, grow and explore for just maybe I shall eventually reach those bigger ones without any hesitation. We set the goals for reasons, they are things we want to accomplish, things we want to overcome and things we believe we want. But they are sometimes only things we could dream of. I have set a goal for myself and little steps to make it come true but I know I still need to be flexible with the way it happens, be aware that there are stumbles and mountains of success but there is motivation for me to accomplish them.

So this year I am going to take myself on a journey with the decision to achieve these goals, I am going to try my hardest to achieve them, follow the small steps and remember that everything happens in its own time. So my heart may break on occasion but whatever comes I know that it’s for a reason, it’s all leading to the completion of successful goals. The ups and downs of life help define the goals we make and the hurdles allow us to define them. Sometimes they change because our needs and desires change but they are all based upon a basic want to improve or change.


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