365 days. 12 months. 1 year

A year ago I created this blog inspired by my friend @warrior princess’s own blog. My intention was unclear in the beginning, I found writing helps my thoughts and eases some of the fears and insecurities I have in my somewhat boring/unconventional life.

A year that saw much change externally and internally. I finally set my mind on a path of weight loss and achieved it. Reaching a moment where self-confidence became a reality.

I developed a rather intense unfortunate crush that taught me that longing for someone was hard and yet I survived it. I discovered why they are called crushes and as such why they hurt and yet I broke my own heart in a way to save it.

I suffered immense hardship with my work situation but I hung in there and today there is more hope surrounding it. I am truly lucky to be a part of such young lives and inspire their lives for a short time. I may only know their hugs, tears and smiles for a while but they brought me such wonder.

Music has saved my soul once again

I was able to use my passport and test my homesickness when I spent 19 days in New Zealand. I challenged myself to enjoy and explore it with the hope that future travel will be possible.

My younger brother married his long term girlfriend and I was able to stand next to them to celebrate the addition of my new sister.

I indulged in a lot of books.

I learnt the true meaning of friendship as I cultivated new friendships and extended older friends. I was finally able to see someone as a best friend and I have loved having her in my life.

And of course I have shared some of these moments with you in this blog and I hope in some small way that I have helped others by sharing a part of my life.





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