The Singer Inside



She has a penchant for boy bands and spending hours immersed in a musical escape

She has a song in her heart at all times and conceals her passion there

She has boundless faith and hope within her

She finds a beat to dance to even in the silence

She makes her life a stage, adding sparkle and glitter as necessary

She hides in the lyrics, the speak to her more than anything else

She holds a song inside that’s struggling to find its way to the open, but its beating ever present hurtling her forward to her destiny.


She wishes on stars and believes in magic yet she is creating dreams everyday

She clings to people like a song she may somehow forget the lyrics to

She follows her heart and reacts to instinct

She is a dreamer and thinker, lost in her own musical wonderland.

She struggles within herself to follow the rules she’s set herself.

She takes one step at a time and isn’t afraid to ask for help.

She has a million thoughts of things she wants to do, be and see but the reality slides by.


She believes in true love but has yet to master the art of it.

She sometimes stumbles through a day in order to get through

Her feet are firmly planted to the ground whilst her head is lost in the clouds.

She is beginning to finally understand her body and be thankful for the one she has.

She deeply connects with others and loves sharing moments with them.

She longs for simplicity and happy days yet lives on the hype of excitement.

She is more than one passion and won’t be defined by a singular one

She is surrounded by brightness and cheer but there’s always a darkness hovering.

She is starting to attach more, filling her heart with emotion.


She is more than a song and more than a lyric

She’s a song being written as she lives.


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