You get what you put your energy into, what you spend your time thinking about. If there’s positive thoughts in your mind you’ll react in an uplifting way but negativity is always tempting to fall into. I still try to surround myself with vibes of the light and I encourage myself to test the limits. But at times it becomes harder to put aside the expectations of society and to become a person I want. It may be mind over matter but how can one simply forget the existence of others. While it may be wise to focus on oneself to a point we should not become selfish that we ignore or destroy others. If we focus on the interactions we share then everything can be included. We can all benefits from mutual respect and live in a sense of harmony. Focus on how to be the best we can. To bring positivity to the lives of others in the best way possible through kindness and respect. Acknowledging each other can have an effect of inspiration too. Try to see the paths and the shoes of another and recognise your focus in the world.

My attention span has decreased, I have a myriad of ideas in my mind but it’s the production part that is harder and I often wish there was device that could produce the words perfectly onto paper from my mind. How that would improve my time but the only thing I can do is learn some patience and determine where to focus my attention first. What is the important thing and how can it be produced – does it need time to bubble or simply silence to ponder. Time to think or remove the junk from my mind. Yet I always find that this mind of mine wanders to the things around me, dishes to be done or washing. It doesn’t stay still on the topic at hand. Is that the life of a novice writer? To be filled with worlds of wonder and words of spectacular meaning yet not be able to complete a page with words and paragraphs I like. These come and go as quickly as I take breaths.

Focus on a single thing, give it your attention and put your all into it. Let the mind attend to that task and accept that not all need to be perfect. Every task we undertake is not merely a means to create something beautiful but rather a way to occupy the mind and progress our thoughts. I can become more in tuned with these tasks and accept the way things are. To simply be aware of what runs through my mind is a highly intelligent thing, at times I run away with my imagination or would prefer to be somewhere else instead of focusing on the beauty all around me.

And today we discover that while focusing on our lives, another life has slipped away from the world. My grandfather has risen to the land of heaven, taken to be in that magic place without pain to be in a world with the lost angels once again. And to think I was focusing elsewhere when the phone call came declaring sad news and yet I knew exactly what it was. It puts all things into perspective and you realise that the things to be focused on are not even things but rather the people that surround you and make your life filled with meaning. It helps fill you with a reason to seek out the special people and treat time with them as a wondrous thing. To acknowledge that while there are these wonderful people there are also others that should require a little less of your focus for they bring negativity to your life and try to bring you down. Rather than spend that time being dragged down it is important to admit that they perhaps don’t require such a big spot in your heart or life when there are others that bring wonder and happiness.

If we focus on the wonder then the world can see beyond amazing, however we must admit that there are things in the world that are not so amazing but with enough focus on improvements we can change those the best we can. Focus on the beauty that surrounds us and be thankful for the little things that come our way.


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