She floats through the breeze, feeling the air through her hair. She discovers her wings, the ones she didn’t believe she had. Her element is air, she feels comfortable there and she belongs to the wind. She travels over currents and tides to places she dreams. The air is her guide filling her lungs and giving her peace. She takes a deep breath and takes in the good allowing the bad to leave her body. She is gentle like the touch of air on a cheek but she contains strength like a storm swirling through her world. She has lightness within her heart and feels at peace with the way she is. She can battle the wind and her life may cause damage like a tornado brewing but she is the calmest with her head in the clouds. The air fills her with hope, with belief that she can do anything. She can fly over the mountains and she can float along with the dreams she has.

She dives deep into the depths of the water and pushes through the surface feeling the refreshing world upon her skin. Her body chills to the temperature and she feels the water over her body. She swims across the islands of fear and comfort constantly sometimes involuntarily but each time her head breaks the surface she is focused on the task ahead. She understands the water she contains draws her to the moonlight and she isn’t afraid. She won’t drown within her daily consumption but the oceans contain a mystery she has yet to understand. Salt water drips off her as she moves through her life. She simply shakes off the excess and reveals in the wonder that makes her clean. The purity and tranquillity that represents the beginnings calms her yet she knows that water can be a savage beast at times. It can destroy and run dry just as easy as anything else. She feels it in the rain that eases her bones.

She has a spark within her. The fire buried deep in her heart ignited with the passion she develops for life. A fire burns in her for courage and hope. Yet every ember that falls from her leaves a part of her spark behind. She burns hot as the sun radiating on the world. Her beam is hot and her gaze is dangerous. She carries a fierce nature and a soul that is determined to succeed. She burns hot with the things she craves and the fire in her soul protects from the harshness in the world. She flames red hot when the time is needed and she protects others forever. Her talent is a part of the fire. It flares out when she seeks the inspiration. A shimmer of colour she brings to the world, leaving a mark imprinted on the sky. She’s an explosion of brightness in the darkest of nights.

She is grounded and bonded to her heart. Her feet planted to the floor and she keeps reality in her heart. She feels connected to the soil as she walks barefoot. Her mind connects to the natural world and she feels free, in control and ready to battle the challenges she faces. The earth is below her and she presses her feet one at a time to it to keep her moving forward. She feels cantered within herself and notices the way the earth feels on her skin. The sensory exploration and the temperature reacting to her. The earth is her base of operation as she heads off to explore, she has the land to begin and she stands proudly upon that which she claims. The place she belongs, to the soil and the rock, the foundation of formation at the heart of her character. She builds slowly upon her basis. A connection to the world and her ability to challenge the landslide.



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