Believe me; I am not simple or complicated. I am simply me and a world of wonder. I’m a contradiction and a mystery to the world. But I have a thing where I believe in the best of the world. I believe that there’s an energy or a vibe flowing through the world connecting all living things. I believe there’s positivity flowing through a human soul and body. That positivity attracts a positive world and negative thoughts destroy the balance. I believe in magic surrounding us. Intertwining between nature and humans. I believe all is happening as it should and all will work out. I believe lessons are always presenting themselves and teaching us within small ways we don’t even notice. I believe everyone plays a part in a life of another, some mark your heart and others simply background parts. Belief in oneself is the thing to be admired and can solve many things. Believe in yourself and show the world who you are.

Believe in the world, the people you can truly depend on and the magic in your heart. Believe in fairy tales and happy endings, all of the things that bring you joy and comfort. Believe in happiness and magic because the darkness is unnerving. Believe that all will be as it should and that the help is there when it’s required. Believe in yourself and follow your heart, believe that all you want is in your control. Set your mind to achievable goals and plot your coarse. Believe in each step and make it happen. Believe your mind is more powerful than the outside world’s forces. Believe in hope, faith, that love conquers all or can change your view of your world. Believe you can love yourself and change your world. Take your belief by the hand and tell it that you will follow its lead. You will trust the belief and run with it.

Be still within yourself, focus on that part of yourself where you gather your strength and are at peace with who you are. Find the basic line, that place where you begin from and believe that your heart will set you free. If you want to believe then do, trust the future and trust that people are being what they can. Be kind to yourself, trust yourself and simply believe that you are a miracle. You are an entire being of complete awesomeness. Believe in the goals you have and pursue them with all your heart. Believe in all your passions, they lead you on your journey. Stand strong and remember to breathe and move forward. Believe that you can believe and that you can overcome the challenges that come your your heart you know that you contain mountains of unbreakable strength.


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