There’s a person in this world that is filled with Envy, they want something another has perhaps it’s their significant other they crave or an object. They are not content with what they already have. This is Envy, driving the person to acts of madness. You can see it in their face, the way they act and the things they show the world. It could come across as jealousy to some and inspire a change for this person to work harder to achieve what they want. A sin entwined with desire and success.

Another in the world is consumed by lust, they long for sensation from another physically where skin meets skin. This person desires what their body craves driven by hormonal need. it responds with a high that needs to be sated constantly.

In a city building a person is taken by an encompassing need, to want and own it all. Be at the highest point in their company. They want more, as much as possible till they reach the top at the cost of their underlings. This person craves to achieve but is never satisfied with the goal achieved. It is then time to make it bigger and pushing away what doesn’t help. A deep seated need to be all and possess all possibilities. Greed is in their blood.

Midday, a person still in their lounging state unmotivated and uninterested in what is occurring around them. They feel they are owed a sense of entitlement and others must undertake the labour. In a state of sloth a person passes their responsibility to another without concern. They take on little effort and resist work.

In a prideful state a person is boastful and perhaps conceited. They overate their ability with a high ego that places them in the important people. They believe themselves the top of the food chain. They are filled with vanity and thinking higher of themselves that perhaps is truth.

A wrathful person has a deep burning fire raging within them, rage that consumes every inch of themselves with need to exact revenge. They have an ultimate goal to destroy, to find retribution for an injustice or wrong doing. They seek the vengeance as a priority.

Then there’s gluttony, a gluttonous person that wants to consume all, devouring in indulgence without stopping. A person within the gluttony sin is absorbed with the excess to the last drop. Obsessed and total possessed with a single focus. They can deny others access in the pursuit of what they crave.

No one is immune to sin, they each take hold of all of us at some point during our lives. And when they hit it is time to reassess. In small quantities there is nothing wrong, they can inspire and motivate us to become better. If we can isolate the sin and recognise its position within us then we can change it and change our minds to see them in ourselves before they take hold and recognise that others are important then these sins can change to something more akin to what we need to in our lives.


One thought on “Sins

  1. Pray for God to bring it to light in your life….there is no hiding it once it’s in the light and He will give you the will to kill the sin from your life!


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