What is it that brings me fear? The uncertainty of adventure waiting ahead. People taking their journeys from this building with excitement and adrenaline. For business and pleasure to locations around the world. It is a place to say goodbye and welcome back. But I find fear here, everything rests on the safety of the moment. We depart to our destination through the air with hope and expectations. Yet with that hope this is often disappointment, our travels may not always be everything we expect, we fall, we return. Delays occur and we simply have to wait it out and distract ourselves while we do so.

Here there are people from over the world with hopes and dreams and meanings only they understand. Travelling with purpose to a destination for a journey they designed. To fly through the sky on their own or with a companion. The plane carries us onwards and upwards through blue skies and turbulence and we are provided with assistance on the journey we take. We travel on and return with intentions.

Various cultures and races all mixing with each other in this place where hearts are filled with adventure and a sense of exploration. Throughout the world people gather at airports to chase the dreams, live adventures and seek challenges. Bringing awareness to the world they know and extending knowledge further of the places they go and the people they encounter.

We still take on the challenge however small the world may seem these days. We are all connected to each other in human ways. In so much as us all have beating hearts and believe. No matter our skin colour or religion the human spirit lives in us. However big or small the world appears all of the world is united in many ways and clings to ideals with hope and faith.

I’ve been to a few airports in my travels but the next adventure will be further and it’s met with mixed nerves and anticipation. I am eager to undertake this journey for the rewards will be immense but the process of travel and all unknown foreign matters but it’s simply my anxiety. Everything will be fine and the best moments will shine over the rest in years to come. It must just be me that finds the airport filled with adventures and still frightening.

The waiting is perhaps what drags out the hardest part. A lurch in my heart and fear of the worst about to unfold but once all is in progress the waiting game changes. It’s a seat on a long haul flight in a confined space where our amusement is limited and our directions ahead. To between our departure and arrival. The past and future on hold as the present runs in a line.

An airport holds material means and dedicated security people but it’s so much more than that. It contains hopes and fears. Allows us to place ourselves at a point where everything comes together.


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