It’s just a word but it conveys so much, I see beauty in the world and in those I love but does the world see that in me? I have my moments where I truly believe I am beautiful but at times that fades. That’s when darkness surrounds me and I may be drawing comparisons to others because most of the time I feel like a mess. A crazy bundle of nerves chained to the past. Maybe it’s simply I feel it’s not said enough and it’s not skin deep but that’s part of it isn’t? A smile, a curve and a colour to bring out the best. Or do I simply not believe when other’s say it about me because my self-confidence isn’t high.

I know I have that internal beauty and my hair is kind of gorgeous but I know I will forever judge myself by how I determine the standards of others but at least I can acknowledge that. There is maybe a journey one takes to achieving that place where they see the true meaning of beautiful in themselves.

Every woman has a spark of beauty in them, in very individual ways so maybe mine is my heart. A woman has that spark will shine to the world in her own way, sometimes even without meaning to. She simply is herself, and this is what I try to do, to make my life that way. To see the beautiful things in myself and the world around me. Beauty is an illusion to some that see only the darkness. But our eyes are mirrors to what we believe. It is only beautiful to some in a unique way and we see what we want.

If one sees beauty in another human soul beyond simple appearances then they’re tuned in to their hearts and everything is a different level. Connection with a soul on a beautiful level is a rare and true thing. This beautiful blossoming flower that shines it’s colour onto the world. True beauty comes from connection, the way someone’s eyes brighten upon seeing another. When a simple word can make a smile beam like the sun.

There’s a thought that to be beautiful you must be skinny and show off your body but the thing about it all is beautiful means is one has a kindness that radiates from within them and they care about themselves and others. Beauty travels through hearts and hands touching. It is simplified in small things. The honesty in a smile and small gestures.

A person having fun and enjoying what they love is attractive. There is joy in their heart and it shines out. A person that has an inner confidence is one of beauty that the world adores. To be truly beautiful is to know yourself and in such a way that you kind of beam. If you feel beautiful then it is reflected out to the world. But it is an internal job, beauty comes from the heart with something you see in yourself.

Yet there’s nothing quite like when that shine is seen by another who tells you that to him you are beautiful. That the warmth of a hug, a claim of the heart can bring a soul melting notion.


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