Frog prince

Frog Prince

Once there was a young girl who grew up with a belief in true love but she hid herself by circumstances and watched her peers find their loves. She stumbled and fell into many dark places, where that love never found her.

She grew up into a young woman with a fear of being alone but hoping that one day she’d find the right frog to kiss. That her heart would be right. That the frog would prevent himself eventually.

For although she gave her first kiss away she knew it didn’t mean anything, that boy had been a ploy, a way to prove something but it wasn’t real. He wasn’t right. The attachment wasn’t solid

She’d had many crushes, the last one forcing her to break her own heart but was another frog about to arrive, to show her something? Was he the frog prince like in the fairy-tale?

Now there’s a woman with her heart on a sleeve praying the fairy tales exists and prince charming has arrived on his horse but she’s afraid to change this too. A prince means change, one she doesn’t know.

A woman that is attempting not to hope too much for fear the prince is actually only a frog and that the fairy-tale is simply a lesson to be learned. A journey to undertake with a massive lesson at the end.

She’s so many of her fellow friends find true love with their own frog princes’ but she is afraid that perhaps true love is just not something that she knows. For while this prince appears to be perfect in many ways; how does the heart honestly know what true love is?


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