Spiralling and spinning
With a smile
And wonderment
Is this what it feels like?
To fall this way
So quickly and in an epic fashion

I feel the smile
And pound in my heart
When I think of him
And all I want
Is to be near him
To hold his hand
And be in his arms

I know I am falling
Somewhat fast and hard
And it’s this magic feeling
Mixed with a sense of fear
But this spiral makes me beam
And collide into him.

His words become magic
And I feel the fall
His arms around me
Make me feel safe

I fall further into the spin
And somehow I still fall
Does this feeling change?
Or do you fall forever?

There are thoughts
Of comfort and security
And desires taking hold
But yet he is aware
That I am complex
And fragile
All empowered for independence

I’ll keep falling
Without knowing the end
And then what happens
Is there something more?
After it?





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