Wild woman



Footsteps on the ground, immersing the flow of the world through her feet and revelling in the wonder it possess. A wild woman with dirty feet and a sunshine filled face. Wind blowing her hair all over her face and yet she connects to the world so these little things are simply a wonderful sensation. She is connected to herself, in a place where calm and serenity reside. She is at peace with the inner being she is and confidently rides into her future with a positive mind and hopeful heart. She walks barefoot across the world feeling the sand between her toes and the tickle of grass as she run across the green blades. She is a warrior, she can fight any foe and she will survive as long as she trusts herself and remain in control. She can take in the goodness of the world with one breath and release the negative as she breathes out. She is strong and surrounded by light and positivity. Everything is a lesson she can learn from and improve for her own life.

She can dance in the moonlight, flowers in her hair and a song in her heart. She is a woman that enchants and carries a desire within her. She is a wild woman, trusting the nature of the beast and baring her soul to those she connects with on a deeper level. She travels her path with her feet firmly planted on the ground but delights in the movement of jumping, twirling and dancing. She stands tall and feel powerful with the wisdom of her past generations. She is a soul contained in a vessel of flesh and water. She rises with the sun and decides her own fate. She loves the rain and the sound it makes on surfaces and the feel of it as it reaches her skin. She is a free spirit guided by the inner trust she has to the world and the beauty of all creatures. She runs barefoot preferring the freedom it brings to one of being confined by materials on her feet.

There is a happiness in her heart, she connects with others on a spiritual level and takes chances to develop her loves and interests further. She is passionate about herself, the world and those she adores. She appreciates the plants, forests, beaches and the sky in all its glory. She is always there for others to the best of her ability. She will forever dance in any kind of weather, she touches stars every night and greets the moon with appreciation and hope. Each step she takes is filled with grace and warmth as she absorb the wonder of the earth. She runs wild over every surface taking in the sensations rippling over her feet and between her toes. There is stardust in her blood and she flies through the air without fear, she lands on both feet with a single leap. She has momentum to travel the world, with her dreams in the air and adventure filling her mind.

She is a child of wonder, a child of grace and a child of the world believing in her gypsy soul. Freedom rushes through her veins and completes in her free mind. She is an independent wild woman that challenges her understanding of everything, she asks questions and discovers answers through trial and error. She is a warrior and will fight for everyone she can. She takes along all her skills on the run as she navigates the rivers, lakes and oceans. She looks for all the options before she jumps in but she always follows her intuition without hesitation. She is a wild gypsy woman, she becomes one with her being and smiles simply because she feels the connection.


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