There’s a sort of peace in certain moments where calmness washes over you and see that the journey to your dreams is the best part. Where you achieve the balance of contentment and what’s ahead. To be ok with the place you are currently at in your life even if there are still dreams to be realised. You are aware of the future but the present is a pretty amazing place to be. You’ve fought like hell to have what you have now and that fight has given you strength. This is now – a simple moment when the world spins a way that works for you. The sun is shining and you simply can smile. This moment is perfect inside you and it is one to treasure. Happiness is found in moments like this and that linger far longer than the moment itself. It is rare that we achieve this place. Taking in all we are, the responsibilities and the doubts that often plague our waking hours it is a miracle of time.

In this moment you feel the world is on your side and it is a wonderful place. You think that all are on your side and there’s sparkles in your vision. When every small thing seems like magic and the world is lit with lights so bright they blind away the negative parts. This moment is a brief point of time when all aligns in perfect sync. A moment when nothing can interfere with your balanced self. It reveals within a moment reminding of wonderment and joy. The stars shine brighter and all in a perfect alignment to your soul. Your heart beats on a rhythm of life and it feels nothing will break you. You can march along to your own path in glorious splendour and enjoy the solitude of simplicity. Moments can take your breath away, words can change it and a touch of skin makes the world turn.

This moment makes all seem possible, all dreams and joys abound. And the efforts you’ve made the positive moments stand out. When all you seem to do is smile by recalling that moment you know all is memories of happiness and success. A perfect moment could be in mind only as you reflect upon a previous one. One that gave you confidence, hope and reassurance. A moment that pushed your boundaries and made you believe again. Moments of high exhilarations where intensity takes over and passion resides. A moment that will live on and you look back with fondness and smile. In moments I can believe in myself and recall others I’ve challenged all. It’s moments like this you look back on and know all the lead up was worth it, that you look at and say how did that go so fast and can it happen again.

In a moment everything changes, a heart becomes involved entwining two in a connection that could be forever. A moment that lingers for two and blooms from a nurtured seed. In a moment the world belongs to two souls who have found each other. There’s immensity and expectation but all you can do is go with the ride and remember the moment. It takes a moment to realise that this new feeling can be all empowering and potentially epic. In a simple moment the world can be filled with magic and love can bloom from a simple word. When all becomes about the moment you are in and the magic created.




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