Darkness erupts, a world sent to the place without lights. This blackout as night descends bringing out the things we’ve tried to hide. Secrets hidden deep begin to fester. We’ve forgotten our basic needs and we let the shine of light into all the shadows. Fear can be associated with the darkness. It creeps in at an age where monsters are real and live in places unseen. The monsters may change as we grow but the dark challenges our belief. There’s a small glimmer of hope within a single lit candle providing a flicker of light to show our way through the darkness. A blackout where everything seems to be on hold. You may say what can I do with this darkness and perhaps it’s a time to reconnect, to engage with others and remind ourselves of the real strength we possess. To shine our light out to the world doesn’t require some sort of electricity.

Blocked out by a moment, shock of all events that come to a point. Unable to see a way back to the light without repercussions. In moments of the dark it feels easier to drown oneself in the pain and fear. The world becomes the thing we blame when darkness surrounds. We wait for it to dissipate and sink further into a darkness. Blackness surrounds all and only a flicker of light could pull you out. All of a person can be drenched in the darkness, you can find a friend in the darkness, a seemingly endless void that calls to you, go in further to a thought; the blackness gripping at the strands of disconnection. Drowning in a pool of anxiety and fear where all keeps us stuck with images and thoughts running through our minds. Blackness corrupts and sends you on a path to find yourself in ways both hard and easy. But in this darkness we can become our real selves or we fall and stumble.

The world has gone dark and I cannot see a thing, all the shadows are taking control and dragging me down to a pit of despair. All I want is to sleep, forget the pain, forge the world and forget how hard the world is. I want someone to take away the pain, to save me from the dark dark world. To be able to bring myself out of the moods of heartache and embrace the light. Reality seems a faint illusion to a place where dreams in sleep are preferred. Where shadows are a form of enemy to many. Most people prefer to live in the light where all is illuminated and it shows all the objects within a corner that create the fear of so many nightmares. Light and dark cannot exist without each other, we need the light to explain the dark and darkness to complement the light.

Each of us has the potential to give into the darkness, to blacken our soul by becoming part of darkened times. It is easier to give in that to fight to stay inside the light but it is worth the fight. The darkness brings upon a blackout of another kind. It stops us from progressing and pulls us further down. But the light rejoices in our presence, it delights in helping us become the best we can. It knows we will succumb to its competitor at some point but it welcomes us back eagerly. It holds no expectations but accepts we have seen mountains and overcome struggles. We have walked beyond our limits and survived.


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