A girl in the mirror, reflections of herself that remain illusions. The way she sees herself is somewhat deluded. It’s a matter of self-belief and low self-esteem. She only sees the dark parts of herself, unable to focus on the positive ones that others see in her. She can see the reflection of herself in the glass, the picture of a blonde girl with blue green eyes and a permanent fear. She’s unhappy with herself despite needing approval from others. The reflection shows her as ordinary and her thoughts run towards the darkness. She sees herself as anything but normal and it shoes in the stress she displays. She tries to spend as little time as she can confronting herself in a mirror. Living in a state of denial because she cannot deal with the truth. Afraid of what the mirror will show her, the deep buried truth she’s not aware of. She’s simply aware of the shadows in her heart, the ones that block her from seeing who she truly is and accepting everything she is. Becoming able to push away all the smudges covering the parts of herself that are truly beautiful.

And yet the best way to see a true reflection is snot a mirror but the eyes of someone who sees the best in you. They know the flaws you display, the fears in your heart and the truth in your soul. They are the strongest mirror, the most powerful reflection of all. An indication that our actions towards others are what our souls are truly for. These actions are what bring others closer and they reflect the truth of who we are. In the eyes of a child one is seen without masks, without walls being built up around. Eyes and hearts that focus on the goodness of a heart and soul. The sincerity of a smile between that of two people who share a real connection. In those eyes that see your flaws and all your strengths is the secret of your true reflection. It’s a part of something more than appearance. See the reflection in the surface in front of you and pay attention to the truth of who you are, who you are at your core that shines out to the world. That inner peace of yourself that alights with the hearts of others.

In a reflection, the glass reflects our physical appearance and shows the anomalies of us to ourselves and the world. We never actually see our true selves in person as it is impossible. We see only the reflections and our beliefs played out on the glass. We reflect a certain image to the world around us and one to that within our hearts. Reflections are what the world sees and what we can project to that world. We put on masks to reveal only so much to those around us. In an image we see a so called idea of beauty that we believe to be the truth but glass is a mere perception. It can distort our sense of the truth like a house of mirrors in a circus that exploits the flaws of us all. And in a moment of watching yourself you can focus too intently on one imperfection and it drowns out all the beauty you see in other areas. We play with our clothes, hair and face in a way to increase beauty in our own minds and to the other people around us. It’s a way to try improve ourselves and believe that we are beautiful.

It’s an internal projection. The way we see the world is in part how we see ourselves. That image on the glass is all our fears and frustrations, in a way our worst enemy, revealing all we dislike about ourselves and seeing all out flaws on display. But only when we feel that way. Other times we see the inner glow of our soul shining on the glass. The positive ray of sunshine enveloping us. We are only able to reflect so much to the world, be it our small inner world or the larger one around us. Our emotions are a reflection of the deepest part of our hearts and our reactions to this place we call earth. The glass is a façade that depicts a moment in time showing the reflection of a single soul.


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