If I could look into a crystal ball what magic would it possess? Would it reveal the truth of my future? If what I fear will come to be or my dreams will come to be. I have ideas of what I want to happen in my life and I want to live in this moment but if I don’t prepare for everything ahead something will go wrong. Something will happen that I haven’t even thought of. But at the same time I know I cannot prepare for everything otherwise I’d drive myself crazy. There’s the issue of money for sure and it leaves me drowning in guilt and uncertainty. If I try something for now will it push me in a direction to help the future or leave me without a future to look forward to? I know a crystal ball won’t reveal the way life unfolds. The only path is to visit it in due time.

The future is this wide open landscape just waiting to be explored. It’s a blank canvas eagerly anticipating the colour of a paint of our choosing. It is the thing we have to look forward to and the thing we fear at the same time. There are so many things I want within mine and many more I wish to remain outside the barriers of my future. And yet isn’t it important to live in the moment and take each breath as it is comes for the future is not a guaranteed thing for all of us. It’s this huge immenseness that everyday fills us with hope and fear.

In the future we are all capable of many things and all capable of being everything we want or simply wasting our lives. In my immediate future I’ve got an overseas tripped and my anxiety is sky rocketing, and I’m making all these plans for afterwards with the certain expectation that this trip will be a deadline of sorts, or I’m simply just not good at travelling overseas. But how will my future be any different to now if I don’t take chances or challenge the things that frighten me. Move past the fear of my baggage being lost in some foreign country. There are far worse things that could happen but I’m stuck in this place where I fear it. Where every fear is going into that one concern but yet the challenge will be undertaken and once I return home I’ll be ready for the next adventure or at least grateful for the adventure I’ve been on. I’m capable of getting on the plane and doing this and there’s a level of excitement involved still and I’ve been overseas before but this will be longer and back in time.

How will the crystal ball predict the events for 2017, will it bring success for the adventures and continue to inspire love within me. Will it be a year that take me on a whole new journey to conquering my anxiety and will I be able to get my weight loss back on track. Will it present unexpectedly surprisingly moments that’ll define the year for me. Will it be as tough as this year has been and will it keep enhancing my relationship with my wonderful man? What things will the future bring for 2017 that I haven’t planned already? I have goals I want to achieve and other little things I hope for but all of those will be on hold until after the next adventure. I just have to put my mind onto success and conquer this. I’ve never been good at waiting for things but regret would be far worse. I don’t want my future to be filled with regrets and this moment now will be a single blink in the huge cosmos of the world.


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