In Your Eyes


In your eyes I see the way you see me, you see my flaws and strengths but it’s my heart you hold in those eyes. It’s in the way you hold my hand and take mine willingly when I offer it and the way you kiss my forehead. The tender moments we share, when our eyes pass their secrets. I get a feeling when I think of you that there’s magic at play. And all I want is to be near you, to hear your voice and feel your hand in mine. I want to fall asleep in your arms and be awoken by your kiss. The butterflies still rumble in my stomach when I think of you and when I’m with you time seems to last forever.

I feel all these feelings rushing through my heart and a single thought of you makes my face light up with a smile. I like the way I feel safe in your arms and you see my soul as something truly special. How you tickle me to make me laugh and smile when something serious has taken over my mind. I like how you talk to me about things that are on my mind and the things that you love. How you hold me in your arms and the sound of your heartbeat. How you can tell when something is beginning to stress me out or occupy my thoughts.

I love how you talk to me as you realise that little things can turn my entire my world upside down, how you never give up on me and the patience you show me when I get overly emotional or my crazy comes on. How you I like how honest you are with me; that you take the time to explain things to me when I don’t understand and how you’ve surprised me with flowers. How your smile is filled with sunshine when you look at me. Your eyes let me into a part of your soul, deep into the true essence of who you are and what you believe. I see the softness they contain and I long to complete the sweetness within them.

In your eyes I can see hope for the future. I can see how you seek for dreams to be unfolded and how your mind is seeking best outcomes and thinking of me. In those perfect eyes I see my reflection and the way you see me, I see myself looking at you and my gaze upon you. At times when our eyes lock it feels like there’s a magic in the air connecting both of us for an eternity unknown. Our souls join as our eyes share their secrets and in your soul I see the man that has captured my heart, the man that has helped me on this unravelling journey. The one that loves me with a single look from his eyes.






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