Jamaican Sunrise


Six days of paradise by a sparkling beach with waves that crash upon the golden shore, music setting the scene. A truly wonderful way to start the beginning of this year, after so much stress and tension up to the flight it was an amazing escape to have this time out and not worry about a single thing back home. The brilliant colours that settled on the horizon upon the setting of the sun brought about the realisation of thankfulness. That there were times I’d thought this was simply just a dream. The time standing on the sand, jumping to the beat of each song from my favourite band as the night wore on. Who could dream of much better than that?

This was a place where dreams come true, the magic fills the air with hope, adventure and miracles. Watching the sun rise on this Jamaican beach brings upon a sense of peace. The feeling that nothing matters beyond the here and now. The colour filling the sky brings the world into focus bringing the potential of anything with it. There’s a nature of relaxation hanging in the air that all become aware of. The atmosphere of fun runs through the rising of the sun engulfing the day with peace and hope. Anything seems possible and moments like these live in our hearts. We stay with our dreams and we let them become real. In this place it feels like we can soar above the sky, we can climb mountains and be anyone we want. The music makes us high and the feeling of

Paradise revealed to one who dreams, one who believes and follows. The magic of a beat that lives in the heart of the truth. A moment of time where reality is a beach, a pool, a stage and music. An island where the colour bleeds in our eyes and the music flows through our veins. The sea air is our life force encouraging us to continue on, to believe in the dreams and the hopes we hold so deep inside. The sand between our toes makes all seem so small and all possible. We float on a cloud of dreams and possibility where the sun is the correct heat and no chill of cold creeps upon our veins. Only the Goosebumps from the sound affect us. We feel the beat that leads us on to our destiny.

It’s the music that calls to us, to help us believe in anything and everything. It’s the atmosphere that takes us higher, it’s the hype that makes it all worth it and the memories that live forever within us and the fact that some of flew literally flew half way around the world to experience this and it’s better than we ever dreamed. The peace and serenity that drifts off the ocean onto the shore allowing one to take a deep breath and be at once with their own inner being and in touch with the music of the heart.


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