Take My Hand


Take my hand and let me lead us together toward the future, Let me chart this course for us and take charge for this moment in time. Hold my hand and grip it tightly as we move onto this adventure together. I’ll take us through the sunlight and past the dazzling moonlight. Hold me in your arms as we dance in that moonlight and fall asleep next to each other. We’ll wake up with the sun in our eyes and take on all the challenges that a day can bring. We’ll walk into each day being inspired by the sunshine and each other. We’ll fall more in love with each other and develop a deeper connection. But sometimes I’ll want you to take the reins and change the direction we are headed in slightly. Let’s take on adventures that both of us know will make us stronger and happier with ourselves.

Take my hand and we’ll wander the world together, take to the roads and travel as far as the horizon. The sun in the sky as we travel by day and the moon and stars by night. We’ll stop when the need arises and explore the landscape around us, the sun guiding the direction we take and sleep in the back of a car or cheap motels. We’ll take on the world and break the rules to live life on our own terms. We’ll chase the rainbows or change the direction as we see fit. We’ll make this corner of the world our personal playground and conquer the land for a small amount of time.

Take my hand, you’ve changed my life and I don’t want that to ever stop. I want to keep on this road with you and take on all the challenges as the two of us. I want every day to start with you and to feel like anything is possible. With my hand in yours it feels as though we already have. With my hand in your hand you have taken my heart with it and I will follow you as you follow me to whatever our future holds.


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