Radiating out from her inner core, there is a glow about her. One that developed from this heart of hers. She shines brighter than the sun and her smile is filled with brightness. Her core is a light with sparkles of yellow light beaming her. She takes on the day with the kindness she contains seeing every person she encounters with a light around them and with the chance to offer some happiness. She’s the kind of the girl that will spend an hour or more walking through the flowers and dancing when the moment strikes her. She wears the bright colours, the ones that give her confidence and boost her personality. She strikes ahead with the best of intentions and doesn’t let the opinions of others stop her from achieving what she wants. She stands tall and proud with what she believes in and the person she truly is. She is proud of herself and she brings others to her with her kind heart and honesty.

She has an air about her that she floats through life but she’s just really in touch with who she really is and what her purpose is. She is able to go about her day knowing she can deal with anything put in her path, she is able to overcome any challenge put in front of her and she knows that every emotion stems from a thought and reaction. She follows her heart with the knowledge that her mind will follow. She has a strong sense of intuition and is able to push away the doubts she has about herself. She surrounds herself with people that bring a positive influence to her life where she can and removes herself from toxic situations with people that bring negative vibes.

She has the inner knowledge to move forward from any prickles that others may bring her way. She doesn’t wish any harm to others but believes in karma and that what we put out into the world comes back to us eventually. She strikes ahead with her dreams making them come true and puts into practice what she truly believes in, yet she is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it. She offers a hand to those who need it and does her best in everything she tries. She knows that there’s a reason everything happens and that it happens at the right moment in life. Life teaches us something in every moment and challenges present themselves to help us move on or overcome. She knows that these challenges will keep appearing until they have been overcome or moved through.

She sparkles with light. Throughout her entire being is graceful woman that is trying to envelop the outer being the best it can. She reaches out to the people that bring that light forward and is grateful for all the lessons from those that are filled with the shadows bring her way. She sees beauty in all the world and holds on tight to all the things that bring her joy. She’ll see the best in everyone and treasure the ones that are real, true and nurture the goodness in her soul. She’s true to herself and she inspires others to be true too without even realising her impact on them. She glows brighter than the sunshine and the stars combined.


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