You (1 year with)


You make me feel like I can do anything, you set my body on fire and make me want more. Your eyes meeting mine and setting my heart beating. You make me want to try to be better and challenge my every moment. You drive me crazy, you make me insane but you make me whole. You make me want to change the world for you and tackle all the things that scare me. You make me want to throw away all the caution and explore everything with you and you make me feel safe. You bring me more love than I ever thought possible and you help me want to want things that have been hidden and locked away. You make me feel and help me. You calm me down and let me be myself when I can be. You read my moods and every sound in my voice. You hold me in your arms and fill me with such hope and make me feel like the only girl in the world. Your voice utters the words I love you and it sends my heart into flutters. You create this new world where anything seems possible and a single thought of you makes me beam.

You bring me so much confidence and inspire me to be more. You keep my feet on the ground but you give me wings at the same time so I believe in anything. You teach me about the world in your way and I follow the direction of your guide as you lead us onwards. You look out for me and keep me safe. In any given moment I can smile upon a moment of thinking about you. You understand me and constantly surprise me. You make me want more from life and to share it with you. You have captured my heart and take on the lead as my protector and confidant. You hold me up when the world falls apart and you keep me laughing when I feel sad. You make me want to explore and experience new things. You keep me in a world that is magical and mystical, where you lead me on adventures. You drive me crazy and make me insane but with you I second guess myself less.

You show me what real strength is and you make me feel more so every day. You hold me up against the world telling it where to go and give me hope that the future can be brighter than I’ve ever thought. You make days seem longer when I am with you and the nights spent in your arms are a treasure. The warmth from your embrace is enough to set my heart to calm or on fire depending on the mood. You never make me doubt the depth of your feelings and you are consistently there in whatever way is needed. You are my rock and you understand almost every part of my heart, soul and body. You keep me on a course of heading straight ahead with expanding myself where possible.

And you take me to new places, to expand my mind and give me adventures. You talk me through my fears and help me reach an understanding of myself, of what’s below the surface. You take me a place where heaven is almost real and I feel this undying burst of love and passion. You help me see the universe in a whole new light. You see me as this beautiful creature and it makes me beam, how your eyes set their aim at me and I see the softness they contain meant just for me. The way you touch me with gentle care and the small things that make me fall even further in love with you. You have given me your time, your patience and your love and spent the last twelve months with me anyway you can. You keep me believing in myself, the world and most importantly you and us.



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