On The Road


There’s a road I’m taking, one I’ve never been on before and the truth is I’m having some doubts. The things I want seem so out of place and unattainable yet most of the time my anxiety flares up less than it used to. Things like a change of lunch break time and non-consistent staff used to cause massive anxiety now it’s just frustration but events in the future are bringing up the anxiety. I know I’ll still take time to think over the calamity brewing but I have steps to take now. Ones that involve me stepping back and looking at how this could work for me. I have learned that simply talking can be a help and that others are there to help guide and support you. But roads are designed to challenge you and you are taking the walk alone mostly. The roads may be a choice for some and others are simply ones we take, ones that destiny assigns.

On the road there is a goal, perhaps that is unclear at times but we are constantly learning new skills and improving ourselves until we reach the end of the road where another will begin with a new purpose and point of view. We have so many roads, all set to test us and lead us to the goals we want. There are stumbles and hurdles to overcome and invisible forces to tackle along the way. Some are long roads and some short but all are important. Every successful journey fills us with reason and every failure allows us to recalculate what steps we have taken to this point. It allows us to take stock and focus on the things ahead. A road could take an unexpected turn and lead us somewhere completely different.

These journeys have been incredible, I find crazy roads and ones that bring me to a place of tranquillity. I’ve had adventures with amazing people. I have learnt that the ability to learn and appreciate is highly motivating. I have walked on roads where I have met beautiful people that are embedded within my heart and understand the way my body spins out of control. They are a part of the road ahead for what I hope is a long time. Journeys are individual and all provide guidance.

There are roads everywhere which we must follow and remember that when one opportunity is completed another is simply around the corner, that old saying of when one door closes another opens. There are some that we must dig ourselves if what we are presented with does not completely appeal to us. We will use our own tools to create the road we want, out of dirt or mud but the task of creating our own road will provide half the challenge and success.

Taken on a journey by another will not always lead to the best outcome, the ones we struggle through ourselves are the ones that teach us the most important skills. The road to an anxiety free life is one I’m heading down presently, but at the same time I am running towards the light at the end of weight loss road. These two intersect and cris cross repeatedly in my future and present yet I am on the road to achieving the things I want because of the choices to take myself down these roads.


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